About Me

Since 1984, Alferd T. Culbreth has been firmly ensconced in the world of telecommunications, computer science, and high technology. Joining Atlanta, Georgia-based Telex Computer as a technical engineer, Alferd T. Culbreth spent two years serving in the companys Main Frame computer division. During this time, Alfred T. Culbreth gained an intimate familiarity with schematics and systems integration, and performed work on controller boards, MUXs, CPUs, and other electronic components. Following Telex Computer, Alfred Culbreth found a position as a field engineer for the DEC Corporation in Atlanta, where he held network installation responsibilities for such organizations as Coca-Cola, the Georgia-Pacific Corporation, and the branches of the United States Military. From 1986 to 1989, Al Culbreth learned all facets of WAN/LAN installation, and worked on multiple mainframe computers and LAVC and Ethernet protocols. In 1989, Alfred T. Culbreth entered into a sales role with the SOLID Computer Corporation, serving the hardware, software, and telecommunications needs of a wide variety of clients. In this regard, Alferd T. Culbreth devoted his energy to the computer marketplace in Europe and the United States, generating more than $120 million in average annual sales. By the end of his tenure with the SOLID Computer Corporation, Al Culbreth had earned promotion to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Alfred Culbreth would go on to AT&T in Miami, Florida as a data network consultant, where he placed in the top one percent of the sales force from 1997 to 1998. For the past 12 years, Alfred T. Culbreth has drawn upon his entrepreneurial acumen to form a succession of full-service telecommunications organizations, including Miami Telephone & Telegraph, Inc., Telecom Debit, Tec9COM, Inc., the M5COM Corporation, Teleport Services, and Standard Communications Corporation, Inc. At present, Alfred T. Culbreth serves as CEO of TelTec Communications, Inc. and Chairman of White Light Communications Corp. To see more information on Alferd T. Culbreths work with both of these firms, visit telteccom.com and whitelightcommunications.com.

My Experience

2006 to Present
Founder of TelTec Communications Corp., Miami, Fl

Technical Engineering Consulting.

2000 to Present

Water Consultant / Naturalist-Founder U.S.A.

AC is a successful entrepreneur His career includes Sales exceeding One Billion dollars in the Telecommunications and Computing industries. with particular focus in distribution of calling cards to stores and bodegas. One day after feeling run down and tired from his life of extreme materialism and gain, he decided to take a hiatus from society. During this time AC decided to become involved in religious studies along the way meeting and hiring a Sherpa. which even to present day AC considers best of friends.

This action resulted in the realization that he had been living a life that was at best two-thirds fulfilled and that AC was spiritually dead . This conclusion resulted into what he is today. Which is not a natural man “materially driven”, but a man that is led by the Spirit of God and a naturalist “Organically Inclined”.. This event had a dramatic change in his lifestyle which opted for a life balanced with spiritual well being and healthy living. This would lead to an in-depth research in water and the significance of water. particularly, high altitude-alkaline water to a human’s health and quality of life .

AC is an expert in water formation/structure and is a degreed electrical engineer..

Along with his marketing & consulting skills AC has also been instrumental in the establishment of several business operations listed below. AC attended West Georgia College and DeVry University and holds Engineering Degree’s & Licenses. He is fluent in Spanish and English (both written & verbal) his marketing work is at all levels, including but not limited to high-profile celebrities and professional sports athlete’s.

“While many diet enthusiasts will talk a lot about carbohydrate intake and foods that are rich in antioxidants, there’s nothing more important to our diet than water. A person can potentially survive for weeks without food, but cutting a person off from water can cause a person to expire in a matter of days. While there’s some debate about exactly how much water you’re supposed to have in any given day, there is one thing that everyone can agree on: clean drinking water is essential”. below you will find a list of companies AC was involved with:


Fiat Lux ("Let there be light")